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Furnace Repair Cost: Find The Average Heating Repair Cost

Winter is a upon us.  Knowing the average cost to repair your furnace can save you a lot of money this winter.  The most common prices to repair your furnaces are listed below.  Some heating problems can be resolved with a simple few steps listed here.  You need to remember every heating repair company charges differently.  These are just the average cost to repair your furnace. From my experience if you’re paying more then the price listed below you have a really advance furnace (Trane, Carrier, Lennox) or you are being over charged.  

We List Heating Repair Cost:

  • Flame Sensor Repair Cost
  • Wall Furnace Repair Cost
  • Furnace Gas Valve Repair Cost
  • Furnace Induce Fan Motr Repair Cost


Flame Senor: Detects the flame of the pilot and/or the main flames of the furnace

Central Heating Systems

Flame sensors are not all the same however, the most common flame sensor in furnaces made after 2001 can cost anywhere from $250 to $375 installed.  The variables that make the price go up and down on newer furnaces are the mounts inside the furnace, location of furnace, and technology of the control board of the unit.  A lower end furnace will have a simple one wire sensor, an advanced 

Heating Repair

furnace will have a three wire switch that not only connects to the control board but also connects to another sensor.  learn more average heating repair cost

Wall & Floor Furnaces:

The average cost to replace your flame sensor on a floor or wall furnace can range from $250 to $350 the cost comes from the location and difficulty of the furnace and not from the part itself.  To install a flame sensor for a floor furnace can be time consuming, dirty and difficult to install properly.  There is no other way to install a flame sensor to a floor furnace than to crawl underneath the home.  Replacing a flame sensor on a wall furnace is also time consuming and hard to replace.  Most often it's required to remove the entire gas valve off the furnace to access the flame sensor.


Gas Valve: Releases the gas to the pilot flame and the main gas manifold  

The average cost to replace a gas valve in a forces air furnace can range from $425 to $675. The gas valves are one of the most important parts of the furnace. No Gas entering the system, no heat. Installation of a new gas valve includes removal of all the wiring connecting to the gas valve. Sometimes removal of the control board or inducer fan motor is required to access the gas valve.  Replacing the gas valve always require that you replace the pilot tubing the pilot senor and pilot igniter.  What happens when you remove the pilot tubing from the gas valve the fittings on the tubing gets lose and are never the same and cause a leak at the gas valve. After replacing the gas valve a leak test is required to check for any gas leaking at any of the joints.     

  We Can Do The Hard Stuff For You

Inducer Fan Motors: Removes the extra heat from the furnace and transfers it outside.

You will only find induce fan motors on forced air furnaces that were made after 1990. The average cost to replace the inducer fan motor is from $450-$575.  If you have an older furnace the price to replace the inducer fan motor may be less the $450, however new furnaces require that you replace the complete housing of induce fan motor.  Manufactures of furnaces have gotten smarter over the years and have designed there furnaces to take unique parts for every make and model of furnaces.  Makes and models before 2001 were interchangeable and easy to find at one local parts house.  Now every manufacture requires that you buy their parts and become a dealer of their equipment to buy their parts.   This means that the price of a simple motor is 30% higher because of the mounts and brackets that are required to replace the motor to work properly. 

  Always Ask This First!

Remember that if you don’t know or don’t feel comfortable with any heating repair contractor, ask questions.  Ask why did it break? Why is it so much? And the most important question, Can I have a better a price?  

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