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The Average Furnace Repair Price: The Most Common Heater Repair Cost.

There are many things that can go wrong with your furnace, the most common problems that accrue with home and commercial heating systems are the indoor blower motor, flame igniter and or the fan control board.  Listed below is the average cost to repair your furnace with these problems. Every heating repair contractor works differently however we have found prices to be average with midsize air heating repair companies.   

 We List The Following Here

  • Indoor Blower Motor Repair Cost
  • Flame Igniter Repair Cost
  • Fan Control Board Repair Cost



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  • Indoor Blower Motor: The indoor blower motor blows the air through your furnace and across your home.  Most new furnaces have three to four speeds.  The price can very on the model and the features of the motor.  The sizes, rpm, speeds, and mounts determine the price.  Replacing the indoor blower motor requires that you remove the entire housing of the blower.  This sometime requires that you remove the entire control board.  It can take from 1 to 3 hours to install a new blower motor inside a newer furnace.  The price to replace a indoor blower motor inside a furnace is from $475-$675.  This includes the motor, time and small miscellaneous parts.

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  • Flame Igniter:  The flame igniter receives power from the control board and ignites the pilot flame with either a hot surface or with an electronic spark.  There are many types of igniters for different makes and models of furnaces.  The most common ignitors are the ticker or a hot surface ignitor.  Flame igitiors are straight forward to install.  In most cases it take longer to find that the igniter is defective then to replace it. Replaceing the ignitior requires that you remove the wires from the ignitior to the control board. Then remove all the mounts from the igniter and set and install a new one.   One of the hardest part of the install is cycling through the furnace to make sure it works properly.  It can take up to 3 hours to make sure it works properly.  The average price to replace a flame igniter ranges from $230 to $375 installed.

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  • Fan Control Board:  The fan control board controls every aspect of the furnace from turning on the gas to shutting down the fan after your home reaches air temperature. All sensors, relays, motors and gas valves connect to the control board.  Newer furnaces are smart enough to tell you exactly what is wrong with the unit.  Finding the problem with the control board takes a quality technician to properly diagnose if it’s the board or just a bad sensor in the furnace.  If not properly diagnosed a defective board will say everything else is wrong except the board itself.  Every component in the furnace needs to be checked when assuming the board is defective. Replacing the board needs requires that you remove all wires connecting to it, removal of all the mounts and sometimes removal of the entire blower motor. Installation takes a bit more than connecting wires, a qualified heating repair contractor well remove all static from the board and mount the control board to the manufactured specifications.  The average cost to replace a control board can range from $475 to $650.

  Always Ask This First!

There are a lot of variables that can cause your heater to stop working, an experienced heating repair company can find the problem of any furnace within an hour.  Most of the time your furnace does not need to be replaced, you should only replace your furnaces if you have a cracked heat exchanger, leaking gas, or have problems with carbon monoxide. Always ask questions when dealing with any heating repair company.  If your heating repair contractor doesn’t come within the average price to repair your furnace that is listed above, ask for a discount or get a seconded opinion. 

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