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Finding the Price to Your Home Heating Repair

Furnace repair prices, gas valves, flame sensor, Control Boards There are many things that can go wrong with your home heating system.  The most common problems that break down causing your heating system not to work is the control board, flame sensor, and the gas valve.  We listed what they do, what happens when they break down and the cost to replace them with a qualified heating repair company.  The prices listed below are averages and are for references only.  You should research any heating repair company before having them over.  Asking questions is important to getting the best repair for your home.


Control Board

Flame Senor

Gas Valve


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Control Board: What it Does, Possible Symptoms, Repair Price

The control board to any furnace will control the order of operation to the entire heating system.  It will modulate when the pilot flame turns on, the gas valve, the blower motor and connect all the sensors. Some problems with your furnace when your control board is not working properly are:

  • Your Fan Motor Continues to Run
  • Your Heater Dose Not Turn On
  • The Pilot Flame Turns On, But Dose Not Turn On The Main Burners
  • The Fan Motor Doesn’t Turn On During Heating Mode, But Works In Fan Mode

The price to replace your furnace control board can run from $475 to $675 depending on the model and type of furnace you have.  The more features your furnace has can bring the cost up.   There is no set price to replace a board since every heating repair company can charge what they want.  The average heating repair company will charge anywhere from $475 to $675. Installing a new control board to your furnace required removing every wire that connects to the furnaces and removing the furnace control board from its mounts. 


Flame sensor: What it Does, What Happens when it doesn’t Work, How much To Replace

The flame sensor to your heater is exactly what it sounds like.  It senses the flame of the pilot and or the main flame.  When the flame sensor detects the flame it sends a signal back to the control board telling it to stay on.  When the flame sensor is not working properly you will have these problems:

  • Flame will turn on and off
  • Fan will continue to run
  • The furnace will turn on and off

Replacement of the flame sensor cost about $175 to $375 depending on the make and model of the furnace.  Sometime you don’t need to replace the sensor, you can scuff the sensor with sand paper and it will detect the flame. 


The Gas Valve: What It Does, What Happens When it doesn’t Work, How Much To Replace

The gas valve provides gas to the furnace.  It works with the control board to regulate the gas going into the system.  The gas valve controls the pilot flame and the main gas flame.  Some gas valves are smart valves that need an independent board or module to regulate properly.  Without the gas valve your heater will never work. Some problems that happen when your gas valve isn’t working properly:

  • No Heat
  • No Pilot Flame
  • No Main Flame
  • Fan Continues To Run

The cost to replace your gas valve can range from $475 to $575 to install with parts and labor.  Installation of the gas valve includes removal of all the wires to the valve.  Removal of all piping from the main gas line, and removal of the pilot tubing is required.  Installation of the new gas valve requires new pilot tubing and reinstallation all piping to the new gas valve.     

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