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We Design & Install Custom Comfort Systems

If you are looking to replace or install a new HVAC system for your home or office. We can help!

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The Real Value.... The Installation

Always remember that the equipment you install in your home is only as good as how it was installed.

There are plenty of studies that prove the point that the contractor you choose to replace or install your air conditioning and heating equipment should know what they're doing. (Just Because There Licensed Dose Not Mean They Are Doing A Good Job.)

North Carolina Alternative Energy Corp.:

  • 90% Of The Units Tested Exhibited Some Sort Of Energy Wasting Problem
  • 50% Had An Improper Refrigerant Charge
  • 40% Failed To Meet Minimum Air Flow Criterion
  • 20% Were Barely Inside The Range Specified By Manufacturers.
  • A Deficiency Of Only 20% In Indoor Air Flow Reduces The Seer Rating By 17%
  • A 15% Return Air Leak From A 120° Attic Could Reduce A 12 SEER to 6 SEER!

Pacific Gas & Electric HVAC Energy Audit: Found The Average Energy Savings From Correcting Your HVAC System

  • Repairing Disconnected Ducts Was 15%
  • Repairing Of Diffuser (vents) Leakage 7.5%
  • Correct Low Air Flow Was 5.6%
  • Fixed Leaks & Correct Refrigerant Levels was 18%

Texas A & M University:

  • Found That A 23% Refrigerant Undercharge Could Result In A 52% Efficiency Loss.

Every Team Member At Comfort Time Knows As True

  • Referrals Are Earned, Not Given.
  • Anyone can put-in or replace a box, we provide custom designed comfort systems for every home.
  • Greatest Customer Service = Comfort Time Success = Individual Team Member Success 

Custom HVAC Installation

Matched Systems Only

  • We match the correct comfort system for your home as recommend by the manufactures. Not all contractors do this, or know how.  Not having the matching furnace, coil or condenser will not allow you to achieve the correct SEER or AFUE advertised. Not getting the correct matched system install will void all eligibility for rebates and HERO's programs.

33 Point Inspection

  • After every installation, we preform a 33 Point Inspection with you to ensure we did not miss a thing. This check list covers every aspect of your custom comfort system project. We encourage you to go with us when we review your project.


  • We recommend permits with every replacement or complete installation. Not getting permits is against the law.  Any HVAC contractor telling you not to get permits is not doing you any favors.  Having your city or county inspect your project will give you the peace of mind it was done right. We take care of the whole process from going to the building department to making sure they get signed off by the inspector.(They Cost Less Then You Think.)

HERS Duct Rater

  • Required by the State of California is a third party HERS duct test to check & report that there are no duct leaks and your system is achieving the stated SEER & AFUE rating.  The duct test ensures you are not leaking hot or cold air into your attic & wasting energy. We will take care of this process with vendors we trust and rely on,  if you feel more comfortable finding a HERS rater of your own we will coordinate the testing on your behalf as well.