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5 Things to Check Before Calling Air Conditioning Repair Services

5 Things to check before calling an HVAC professional

Air conditioning systems for commercial and residential units are comprised of multiple components. Malfunctioning in any of them can lead to the failure of the entire system. During summers particularly in La Habra, where mercury can climb up to three figures, air conditioners need to run for longer hours.

During the same time, air conditioning repair companies get most of the emergency calls for the same day repair. However, in some cases they don’t find any major fault in the air conditioner unit, and where it’s not working for a reason that has nothing to do with repair works.

Therefore, it is important to check for these five things when your AC unit goes off, before calling an air conditioning repair in La Habra. This beforehand inspection will save you time, money and most importantly unnecessary inconvenience.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Your AC unit is not turning on and you can’t understand why? Start off with checking the circuit breaker responsible to relay power to the unit. If it’s tripped or set at off position, flip it back to on position and restart the air conditioner. If the compressor starts roaring again, then you are not in need to call air conditioning repair anymore.

Check the Thermostats

If circuit breaker is on and you still can’t listen the humming of your air conditioner, check the thermostat. Switch it back to on position, read just the temperature, and listen whether or not it has done the trick.

Check the Drain

Even if circuit breaker is set at the right position and thermostat seems fine, but you are still failing to power the air conditioner then there is another area you should look before contacting air conditioning technicians.

Check the condensate pan for overflow. Many air conditioners come with a built-in flip switch that cuts off the power if condensed water from the evaporator coil overflows. This flip switch is installed to prevent internal components from water damage. By removing water from the pan and removing any clog from the drain tube, your air conditioner can come to life without any professional assistance.

Check for Clogged Air Filters

In case your air conditioner is rapidly flipping in between off and on, this might be the sign that the air filter of the unit is severely clogged.  Persisting with a clogged up filter can inflict serious damages to the blower fan. Therefore check them once in a month and have them replaced after every three months in case your AC works all year around.

Check Air Ducts

If you are finding that some area of your house is not getting conditioned air and there is significant difference of temperatures within your house, then this may be the issue of loose, leaky and disconnected ductwork instead of air conditioner unit itself. You have to get on with the repair of your ductwork.

If your air conditioning unit is not working after checking all above-mentioned things, it’s time to call Comfort Time Heating and Cooling. Their expert air conditioning technicians can solve any of your heating and air conditioning problems without any hassle.

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