Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Summers are just around the corner. For some years the average summertime temperatures in La Mirada have increased by a few degrees. For that matter, air conditioner units have become central to every type of interior in the entire area.

Air conditioners designed to cool down entire buildings consume a lot of power. This increased power expenditure is shown in the form of heavy energy bills, which can disrupt the budget of your recurrent expenses.

Nonetheless, working on to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system might pay you off in the following terms.

  • It can result in controlled energy expenditure and lesser bills
  • You can prevent untimely breakdowns of your air conditioner unit

Achieving both of the above-mentioned things can help you in saving a good amount of money. So, let’s delve into some of the measures that should be taken up to improve the efficiency of your air conditioner unit.

Take Care of Condenser Unit

In repair and maintenance routines, condenser units are often overlooked because they are separately placed outside from the rest of the assembly of the HVAC system. Direct exposure to the external environment made condenser unit more susceptible to dirt and debris buildup.

This unclean condition slows down the condenser unit, which results in poor efficiency of the AC. The condenser is an important part of your HVAC system and carries out an important part of the refrigeration cycle i.e. a cooling mechanism of any air conditioning system.

Get Automatic Controls

The air conditioner is running while no one is home—you may have encountered this situation many times if you have a manual thermostat for your air conditioner unit. An air conditioner running for hours without any utilization most definitely plunges its efficiency and you also have to pay extra for that wasted energy.

You can address this efficiency issue with a one-time investment by installing a programmable thermostat. Any good air conditioning repair company in La Mirada can provide you with the services of installing a pre-programmed setup. With a programmable automatic system, your air conditioning unit will work according to a preset schedule.

Do Necessary Insulations

Trapping cool air in your indoors for the longer time period is another measure you can take up to increase the efficiency of your AC unit. By having doors and windows sealed and roofs and attics insulated, you can decrease the workload on your air conditioner. An experienced technician can also help you with the tips of insulating your interior for better performance of your office or home air conditioner in La Mirada.

Timely Replacement of Air Filters

It is another reasonable measure to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. Clogged up filters can put extra load on the air conditioner to reach the set temperature. With regular cleaning and replacement of air filters, you can prevent this overburdening on the unit.

Comfort Time Heating and Cooling provide exemplary HVAC services in La Mirada, Santa Fe, and other surrounding areas. Their regular expert maintenance and repair services can also help you in improving the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

5 Things to Check Before Calling Air Conditioning Repair Services

5 Things to Check Before Calling Air Conditioning Repair Services

Air conditioning systems for commercial and residential units are comprised of multiple components. Malfunctioning in any of them can lead to the failure of the entire system. During summers particularly in La Habra, where mercury can climb up to three figures, air conditioners need to run for longer hours.

During the same time, air conditioning repair companies get most of the emergency calls for the same day repair. However, in some cases they don’t find any significant fault in the air conditioner unit, and where it’s not working for the reason that has nothing to do with repair works.

Therefore, it is essential to check for these five things when your AC unit goes off, before calling an air conditioning repair in La Habra. This beforehand inspection will save you time, money and most importantly unnecessary inconvenience.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Your AC unit is not turning on, and you can’t understand why? Start with checking the circuit breaker responsible for relaying power to the group. If it’s tripped or set at off position, flip it back to on position and restart the air conditioner. If the compressor starts roaring again, then you are not in need to call air conditioning repair anymore.

Check the Thermostats

If the circuit breaker is on and you still can’t listen to the humming of your air conditioner, check the thermostat. Switch it back to on position, read just the temperature, and look whether or not it has done the trick.

Check the Drain

Even if the circuit breaker is set at the right position and thermostat seems fine, but you are still failing to power the air conditioner then there is another area you should look before contacting air conditioning technicians.


Check the condensate pan for overflow. Many air conditioners come with a built-in flip switch that cuts off the power if condensed water from the evaporator coil overflows. This flip switch is installed to prevent internal components from water damage. By removing water from the pan and removing any clog from the drain tube, your air conditioner can come to life without any professional assistance.

Check for Clogged Air Filters

In case your air conditioner is rapidly flipping in between off and on, this might be the sign that the air filter of the unit is severely clogged.  Persisting with a clogged up filter can inflict severe damages to the blower fan. Therefore check them once in a month and have them replaced after every three months in case your AC works all year around.

Check Air Ducts

If you are finding that some area of your house is not getting conditioned air and there is a significant difference of temperatures within your home, then this may be the issue of loose, leaky and disconnected ductwork instead of air conditioner unit itself. You have to get on with the repair of your ductwork.

If your air conditioning unit is not working after checking all the things mentioned above, it’s time to call Comfort Time Heating and Cooling. Their expert air conditioning technicians can solve any of your heating and air conditioning problems without any hassle.

Resolving the Issue of Uneven Indoor Temperatures

Resolving the Issue of Uneven Indoor Temperatures

Uneven indoor cooling is one of the problems that annoy residents the most. It disrupts the comfort of your abode for which an HVAC system is installed in the first place. If you are facing the problem of uneven temperatures in any particular area of the indoors, consider these measures to resolve the issue.

Check the Vents

Many times uneven temperature problem arises from blocked and clogged vents and registers. Check the respective vents for dust, debris and other obstructions (furniture, etc), where your air conditioner is failing to acquire and maintain the temperature like the rest of the house. Vacuum them to remove any debris.

Moreover, you can redirect the cold air to the affected space by partially closing some vents. If the problem persists, call a local air conditioning repair. They can check your vents and resolve the issue without much hassle.

Toggle the Blowing Fan

Blowing fan plays an essential role in circulating the conditioned air throughout the ductwork, which helps to maintain an even level of temperature in the entire home space. Its different settings can also lead to a difference in air pressure causing uneven cooling. Check your thermostat for ‘auto’ or ‘on’ fan mode.

In ‘on’ position, the fan continues to circulate the air even when the evaporator and condenser units of your HVAC systems are not actively working. It helps in maintaining the same cooler temperature throughout the interior for the longer time. While ‘auto’ mode works only when the HVAC system is actively running.

If your thermostat doesn’t have multiple fan settings, then replace it with the latest version. A local air conditioning repair services will come handy for this job.

Check the Air Leaks in Ductwork  

Increased humidity levels in La Mirada can make the ductwork of your HVAC system rusty. This gradual corrosion might lead to leaks and last air pressure drops. Therefore, make sure that you are having the regular inspection of your HVAC system from an experienced La Mirada air conditioning repair service.


Check the Insulations

Sometimes valuable cool air is lost to poor insulations. Inefficient insulation in some part of the house can also give way to the issue of uneven indoor air temperatures. For that matter, inspect the affected area for any such problem. For instance, cooling air can seep through loose window fittings or flabby ceiling panels might be directing it to the attic.

A thorough inspection of the interior will help you identify any insulation issue. By addressing them through minor repair works, you will get back the balance of indoor air temperature.

Go for a Zoning System

Uneven temperature problems can be resolved for good by integrating a zoning system with your HVAC system. It can customize different temperature zones in your abode according to your desire and requirement. La Mirada air conditioning repairing service can modify your residential HVAC system to resolve your indoor temperature problems.

If you are wondering, “Can an air conditioning repair near me address this uneven temperature issue?” The answer is in the affirmative.  Comfort Time Heating and Cooling deals in all things related to domestic HVAC systems and will provide you with the best services and solutions to resolve the issue of uneven indoor temperatures.


Prevention of Air Conditioner Breakdown During Summers

Prevention of Air Conditioner Breakdown During Summers

Summers in Santa Fe Springs can be very scathing, especially with high levels of humidity that sometimes exceed 80 percent in the environmental air.

It is a scientifically proven fact that high humidity makes us feel hotter (in a literal sense). Therefore, air conditioners in home, offices and other commercial spaces are an essential part of constructions in Santa Fe Springs.

Also, breaking down of the air conditioning unit of your abode or commercial space during summers can make your life living hell. For that matter, here we discuss some useful tips that can help you prevent the breakdown of your air conditioning unit amid high temperatures.

Keep a Check on Air Filters

Air filters of your AC unit play an essential role in providing you with fresh and clean air indoors. Therefore, they also get dirty very quickly. A dirty air filter, if not serviced or changed in time, can lead to the shutdown of the entire system due to constant overwork.

You can have them replaced and serviced in straightforward services charges from any local air conditioning repair in Santa Fe Springs. Or else replace them on your own. This simple routine of taking care of your AC air filters can protect you from unforeseen repairing works.

Schedule a Pre-summer Tune-up

This might be the most important measure you can take up for the prevention of air conditioning breakdown due to summer overload. Get a tune-up by any good local air conditioning repair in Santa Fe Spring before the start of the season.

Aside from significant maintenance works, they proactively search for any budding fault in your air conditioning unit and fix it. In short, with their pre-summer tune-up, they can breathe new life into your air conditioner to prepare it for smooth running until next summers.

Take care of the Cleaning of Evaporator and Condenser Unit

Like regular replacement and cleaning of air filters, it is essential to take care of the indoor (evaporator) and outdoor (condenser) unit of your air conditioner as well. Make sure that no dirt and debris is building up in and around the condenser unit. Similarly, clean the area around the air handler of the indoor unit. Make it sure that any furniture article is not obstructing the fresh air coming out of it. These simple measures can improve the performance of your air conditioning unit and will make it less liable to summer breakdowns.

Don’t Put Extra Load on Your AC Unit

Some people think that setting the thermostat at the lowest possible reading would result in a sudden drop in temperature. That’s not the case at all. Therefore, don’t run your air conditioning unit at the lowest temperature setting for long hours.

This will result in a minor change in your indoor temperatures, but conversely, it will increase the chances of a sudden breakdown of your air conditioning unit.

You can reduce the heat transfer inside your house with the help of insulation. Moreover, using ceiling fans to circulate cold air will also help in reducing the load on the air conditioning unit.

HVAC Systems and Improved Indoor Air Quality

HVAC Systems and Improved Indoor Air Quality

Whether in homes, schools or workplaces, for most of our lives, we breathe in indoor spaces. In the case of poor air quality in such areas, we can incur many respiratory diseases. Aside from that, a lingering sense of fatigue and exhaustion also seeps in if you breathe in an environment with poor air quality.

How is Indoor Air Polluted?

We all are well aware of the factors that lead to polluting the external environment. However, fewer people are familiar with some of the common indoor air pollutants. Whether it’s a home or any commercial space, there are always some pollutants lingering in the indoors. From mold spores to dust to dangerous radon gas, these elements can pollute the indoor environment, and all these air pollutants have a very noticeable impact on human health.

For instance, airborne mold spores can lead to the inflammation of the lungs. Radon, a radioactive colorless and odorless gas that occurs naturally and usually ends up inside buildings through the plumbing system can transform a household into a habitat of different respiratory conditions including chronic coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, bronchitis, etc.

The above details have made it quite apparent that poor indoor air quality can undoubtedly affect the health of the inhabitants any building.

Role of an HVAC System to Improve the Quality of Indoor Air

A well-maintained HVAC system can certainly help in improving the air quality of any indoor with many of its features.

Dehumidification Helps in Getting Rid of Mold Spores

High humidity levels are an ongoing climate issue of Norwalk and the surrounding region. The growth of mold flourishes in dampen environment. With the help of good quality air conditioning system in place, you can maintain the levels of humidity below 50 percent to prevent the allergies caused by airborne molds.

Even if there is no mold growth inside the building, damp air itself can trigger coughing, shortness of breath wheezing, hoarseness and other respiratory conditions.

A Well-maintained Ductwork Ensures Better Ventilation

If you are getting regular tune-ups of your HVAC system from any professional heating and cooling repairing company in Norwalk, the ductwork will facilitate optimal ventilation. A poorly ventilated space host clouds of dust, airborne allergens, and many other harmful microorganisms. So, you can devise the proper ventilation of a commercial building or home space with better hygiene of the ductwork.

Air Filters Make Sure You Breathe Fresh

Heating and cooling systems of the building can also proactively make your indoor air cleaner with the help of air filters. Pleated nature of air filers ensures that cleaner air with no pollutants and allergens circulate through your heating and cooling system.

Therefore, it is generally advised to replace air filters after a couple of months to ensure better air quality in the house.

Keep in mind that only a well-maintained heating and cooling system can help you improve the indoor air quality and for that, you require timely tune-ups from the expert technicians of Comfort Heating and Cooling.

Features of a Good AC and Heater Repair Company

Features of a Good AC and Heater Repair Company

Choosing a right man or a company for any job is always a tough task. Same goes for the situation when you are looking for a good AC and heater repair services. In Whittier, CA you might find it difficult to locate the right repair company for your air conditioning and heating system.

Therefore, we are discussing some of the features that you should keep in mind when finding an air conditioning and heating repair services in Whittier.

Possess State’s HVAC Contractor License

Trusting an unlicensed HVAC contractor might not be a good idea. Therefore, check whether the company you are looking at has a license from their respective state’s regulatory body. If you are looking in California for HVAC services, then make sure that the company has been awarded with C-2O license. With a licensed company, you can remain confident that they will provide you with the best of air conditioning and heating repair services.

Having a Good Reputation

If you are going to choose an HVAC repairing service, then use the internet to testify to their reputation. For instance, the Better Business Bureau can provide you with the list of quality HVAC repair companies in Whittier and surrounding areas. Once you have chosen a certain contractor, go through online reviews about its services. This double check can help you shortlist a number of professional HVAC contractors in your area.

Do Site Inspection Before Anything

Since all constructions are different from each other and certainly have different types and models of HVAC systems and ductworks installed, therefore any good air conditioning and heating repair companies finalize their prices after inspecting the site and analyzing the nature of work. So, avoid companies that give generalized lump sum quotes without any prior inspection.

Should be Good with Math

Look for an experienced HVAC repair company whose technicians can provide you with a good estimate of utility bills of heating and cooling for the entire year after their proposed repairing and maintenance works.

They Don’t Offer the Lowest Price

Keep in mind that a good HVAC contractor doesn’t offer you the lowest possible quotes. If an HVAC technician is trying to lure through cheap pricing, then there might be something wrong with their services. Usually unlicensed and uninsured freelancer HVAC technicians come up with such offers through cutting corners that you really don’t want to be cut.

What’s the point of saving money on a job which will need a redo afterward? So, always prefer HVAC technicians that are talking more about their services instead of money.

Have a Dedicated Office

Maintaining a professional outlook is an important feature for a business and you should also look for it when picking an HVAC repair company. If you are finding an HVAC repair company in Whittier or surrounding cities, then make sure that they have their office located in the same radius. A dedicated office shows that they mean business.

Comfort Time Heating and Cooling ticks all the above boxes. Its office is situated in Santa Fe and provides heating and air conditioning repair services in Whittier and all other neighboring cities.

8 Most Common Home Furnace Problems

No one wants to wake up shivering on a chilly night. But it is a very likely scenario if the furnace of your HVAC systems goes into hibernation, for many different reasons. Therefore, it is imperative to know the common furnace problems that can disrupt the heating performance of your HVAC system before calling for a local heating repair. Remember, a faulty furnace can rob you of the winter coziness.

The furnace is not Working—At All

If the furnace is completely shut down, then start with the basics. Check the position of the thermostat. Make sure that it is set on ‘heat.’ Then check the switch of the circuit breaker or fuse. If it is also at the ‘on’ position, then check the furnace door before calling a heating repair company in La Mirada.

Furnace doors contain a safety switch that activates and shuts down the burner and the fan if its access panel is removed. A faulty safety switch can pop out even if the access panel is still in its place. Has it replaced by a local heating repair company so that your furnace is not blacking out on false alarms?

Not Enough Heat is Being Produced

The furnace is working, but you are still feeling cold. What could be the reason?

A simple answer to this question is that the furnace is not producing enough heat to make the indoor temperatures cozier. Check the air filters for any debris or have them inspected from heating repair services because clogged filters are the leading problem for inefficient heating from the furnace.

The color of the Flame

Quality of the burner’s flame is also an indicator of the efficiency of your HVAC furnace. A rusty or dirty burner can affect the fire. An even, a blue glow is a sign of adequately working heater producing sufficient heating, while more magnificent yellow and orange tinges in it indicates that your furnace needs a maintenance service from any reputable heating repair in La Mirada.

No Air is Blowing from the Furnace

Check through inspection window whether or not the blower is working. Many furnaces are installed with flashing lights to indicate a fault (‘green’ for normal functioning and ‘red’ for failure) in the blower.

If you do not understand what’s going on there, then don’t exhaust yourself and schedule a visit from an experienced heating repair experts to deal with it.

Gas supply Issue

Maybe the furnace and all of its components are in their best condition, but not getting enough fuel to run. For that matter, you must check the gas supply line all through its length for any leaks and valve issues, i.e., from the burner to the primary inlet.

A quivering burner pilot is an indication that your furnace is not getting enough gas supply. Call for professional help, and they can guide you better whether it’s a fault in the furnace or you have to call your gas utility company.

No matter how well-maintained a furnace is, there comes a time when it can’t work to its full capacity. Experts from a local heating repair company can also help you estimate the remaining service life of the furnace so that you can have it replaced in time.

Choosing Programmable Thermostat Over the Conventional One

Choosing Programmable Thermostat Over the Conventional One

The thermostat is an important component of an HVAC system responsible to set the temperature according to the desired condition. In summers, they are used to set lower temperatures to provide a chilling comfort. While in winters, they are responsible to maintain a cozier interior.

In Downey, temperatures in both seasons can touch the extremities. Therefore, whether it’s a commercial establishment or a household, every construction needs a good working HVAC system. Likewise, thermostats also play an important role in maintaining the comfort of indoors during extreme weather conditions, but in some cases, their inefficient use can culminate into AC faults and hiked up utility bills.

How Conventional Thermostats Can Increase Energy Consumption

Use of mechanical thermostat can increase your household energy expenditure in more than one way.

Setting it at the Highest or Lowest Reading

If you are trying to get desired cooling or heating in lesser time by setting the thermostat at extreme temperatures, you are just committing an outright mistake. Most of the traditional HVAC systems operate at one speed. So, setting the temperature at extremes will not result in quicker heating or cooling, instead, you have to pay extra in your energy bills due to running the system longer than needed.

Leaving it at the Same Position

Some people have the habit of setting the thermostat at a position at the start of the season and then leave it there for the rest of the season. According to a report by Energy Star, this habit can waste nearly 200 dollars per year in terms of energy bills.

Constant Juggling with the Thermostat

Trying to micromanage the temperature readings with constant juggling of the thermostat is not good for any reason. Most of the times it proves to be a counterproductive and results in inflated energy bills.

Modern Programmable Thermostats: An Answer to All Such Problems

To increase the efficiency of HVAC systems by cutting down energy expenditure, programmable thermostats were introduced. They have been around for years but still many people avoid using them because of their complex interface.

However, newer versions are available in the market that is easy to use and provide several benefits. You can integrate one of them by the help of any good local air conditioning repair in Downey with your HVAC system. Let’s have a look at how these programmable thermostats are a good use of money.

With Programmable Thermostat, Your HVAC System Will Follow Your Schedule

By getting a programmable thermostat for your HVAC system, you can make sure that it is not running during those hours when you don’t require any indoor heating or cooling. Just present a time once and you can spend the entire season with efficient working of your air conditioning or heating system.

Programmable Thermostat Pays for Itself

Some people think getting a programmable thermostat is an expensive affair. But it is important to note that it pays for itself in two to three years by saving money in utility bills.

You can get further information on programmable thermostats from the experienced technicians of Comfort Time Heating and Cooling. They provide exemplary heating and air conditioning repairing services in Downey and Surrounding cities of the Golden State.

Benefits of Heating and Cooling System Upgrades

Benefits of Heating and Cooling System Upgrades

Areas such as Pico Rivera, where winters and summers both can encounter extreme temperature conditions, require heating and cooling systems working at their optimal levels. With continuous overwork, it is only natural for air conditioning and heating system of any household or a commercial space to wear down quickly.

If your heating and cooling system has been working for good number of years and you want to ensure it continues to provide you comfort all year round, then you must consider upgrading it with the help of your local and family owned HVAC company Comfort Time Heating and Cooling which provides its services in Pico Rivera and surrounding cities.

There are multiple benefits of having a professional upgrade of the heating and cooling system of your commercial or household space.

Helps in Keeping up With the Latest Technology

For some years, technological innovations have been happening at exponential pace. If you are using a decade old heating and cooling system, there are strong chances that you are not reaping the full benefits of progression in HVAC technology.

For instance, persisting with an analog thermostat means you are not getting the maximum efficiency out of your heating and cooling system while paying bulky utility bills. Programmed thermostats are now available that can help you use the HVAC system to the best of its capacity for obtaining ideal indoor temperatures. Ask any good air conditioning technician in Pico Rivera to assess your HVAC system and install a programmable thermostat.

You Can Significantly Cut Your Energy Expenses

Efficiency of the machine is one aspect on which scientists are working relentlessly. Similar is the case of heating and cooling systems, where more energy efficient variants come after a while. Case in point is an Energy Star accredited air conditioning system that can annually save more than 100 dollars on your energy bills.

Similarly, inverter technology has been introduced in ductless air conditioners. It can reduce the energy bills by 60 percent in optimal conditions. Experienced air conditioner contractors can guide you better in choosing the most efficient system according to the type of your construction and consumption.

For a Good Real Estate Transactions

By keeping your heating and cooling system upgraded with latest technology, you can list your property for a better price. Potential buyers always prefer to purchase a property that offers modern amenities and doesn’t require maintenance, replacement and remodeling works.

It Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprints

Modern heating and cooling machines are designed to limit the emission of greenhouse gases. For that matter, electric heaters are becoming more popular than the conventional gas furnaces. You can contribute your part in alleviating the impact of global warming by upgrading your Heating and cooling system with eco-friendly equipment.

Apart from all the above-stated benefits, with upgrades you will have extended warranties. You will require fewer repairing works and tune ups.

For any office building or home construction in Pico Rivera, consult the experts of Comfort Heating and Cooling regarding HVAC upgrades. They also render exemplary heating and AC repairing services in Pico Rivera and other cities of the Los Angeles County.

Air Conditioning System and Employee Productivity

Air Conditioning System and Employee Productivity

Research has been conducted to study the impact of workplace air conditioning on the productivity of workers. Twenty-eight employees were monitored for two weeks by the researchers, and they found out that an environment with better air conditioning system can increase workers’ productivity by 30 percent. This productivity ultimately transforms into tangible benefits for employers in the form of revenue.

Therefore, if you are operating a business in Hacienda Heights or surrounding areas, you must focus on improving the air conditioning system at your place. Summers can be very unforgiving here, and you surely don’t want a cranky and stressed workforce at your disposal.

There are several reasons why the quality of air conditioning affects the level of productivity of workers.

Air Conditioning Affects Humidity

During summers, humidity levels in Hacienda Heights and other parts of Los Angeles County experience a sudden hike. Humidity takes summer temperatures to unbearable levels because we profusely sweat and it doesn’t dry off quickly. The situation gets worse for those who are working indoors. Excessively sweating can also lead to muscle cramps, dehydration, or worse unconsciousness.

A fully functional air conditioning system also acts as a dehumidifier by extracting out the moisture content of the indoor air. This means your employees can work in a comfortable temperature, and without ‘breaking a sweat.’

Maintains Constant Temperature

An air conditioner is working correctly if people are not noticing the ambient temperature. It matters much, particularly in the working settings where many people are working together under one roof. In such situations, even change of one or two degrees of temperature can significantly affect the comfort level of the floor.

According to the study, even 2 percent of temperature drop from the ideal reading can affect the productivity levels go up to 10 percent. Therefore, it is essential to have an air conditioning unit that can steady the temperature at ideal levels.

Poor Workplace Air Conditioning can Also Cause Health Issues

If the air conditioning system is not working correctly, there are more chances that workers will suffer from Sick Building Syndrome. From respiratory problems to burning eyes, all these health conditions can occur due to poor air conditioning, which eventually affects the productivity of workers as well.

As you can see, the air conditioning system is central to maintain the productivity levels at the workplace. So, how one can achieve better air conditioning for better productivity?

Type of the Air Conditioner

For commercial spaces, a fixed air conditioning system with a duct system is suitable. However, for smaller spaces portable systems can also work. An experienced air conditioning repairing company can guide you better with proper AC according to the area of your workplace.

Size of the Air Conditioner

The power rating of the air conditioning system is not always proportional to better cooling abilities. Therefore, consult any good AC technician in Hacienda Heights before spending on an oversized air conditioner.


No matter which type and what size of the air conditioner are installed at your commercial space, if you are not taking care of its maintenance regularly, you will face frequent repair issues. Having biannual tune-ups from a reliable AC repairing service can ensure that the air conditioning system is helping you in maintaining and improving the productivity levels of your workforce.