What The Average Cost to Replace Your Ductwork

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Not All Ductwork Contractors Are The Same

Ask for a Background Check

Ask your contractor for:


  • It’s important to have the proper documentation so we know they are legitimate! Make sure your company is licensed, bonded and insured by providing these documents.
  • A copy of their insurance to prove that all appropriate coverage is being carried.
  • A background check

Look for Red Flags

We all know that unexpected things can happen during any home renovation or construction project, but what if your ductwork is wrong? You may have to troubleshoot with the contractor. The best way for you would be hire qualified HVAC professionals and keep an eye out on potential red flags before they turn into problems down the line. See the chart above to see what questions you should ask.

Interview Your Ductwork Contractor

The more interviews you have, the better. It’s important that your selection procedure includes diverse perspectives on what should be done and how much it will cost because no one person has all of this information at their fingertips!

Keep Records of Your Ductwork

Keeping a record of your contractor’s progress will allow you to monitor their work and payments. It also ensures that the job is being done as planned, with no changes necessary!

Common Duct Problems?

Air leakage

Ducts must be properly sealed at the grills and registers to reduce air leakages. Aside from causing massive energy losses, these leaky ducts also pose another major problems; they can let in harmful gases into your home’s HVAC system which will cause uneven room temperatures as well as stuffy or hot environments with unusually high utility bills!

Restricted Air Flow

The efficiency of your HVAC system can be drastically reduced when air does not flow efficiently through the ducts. This will cause increased energy bills, frequent breakdowns and shorter lifespan for you’re appliances! Twisted/torn ducts often restrict airflow which makes them harder on both yourself as well as those who live in homes with this problem.

Poor Design

There are many different types of HVAC systems, but not all spaces require a high-capacity system. The right size depends on your needs and how big the room you’re trying to cool or heat is! A bad design could lead toward major inefficiencies with energy consumption so make sure that any new installation was designed by professionals who know what they’re doing before it gets installed into an already working environment!

Dirty Air Ducts

With a HVAC system, filters in the air ducts help to keep your home clean and healthy by filtering out impurities. If you have gaps or holes between ceiling tiles where rainwater can leak into them while it’s raining outside then this is an indication that there might be same kind of problem with how well-sealed these sections are as far as moisture goes – which would explain why we’re seeing dead insects & cobwebs among other things inside our homes!


Insulation of air ducts can have a large impact on how much energy is lost during heating and cooling processes. In summer, when it’s hot in your home but cool outside – you may notice some whooshing sounds coming from inside the house as warm breath escapes through tiny gaps between doorways or around window frames; this occurs because there isn’t enough insulation to stop all that heat flow out into open spaces.

The Benefits of a Duct System

Cost Savings

Heating and cooling equipment runs at optimal performance while reducing the cost of energy in your home.

Improved Health

The enhanced air quality will make it easier for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

Increased Comfort

Increased airflow and even temperatures throughout your home.

Prolonged Lifespan of HVAC Equipment

Healthy ducts are important to the health of your home. They prevent dirt and other particles from circulating in them, which would cause unnecessary wear on system components due to dust or other particulates that get stuck during cleaning sessions.

When to Call a Professional?

The installation and repairs of your HVAC system is a job best left to the professionals. Ducts are difficult enough without adding DIY into the mix! A licensed contractor will know what ductwork needs replaced or installed, how much it should cost in total for all parts plus labor rates per hour – which can vary greatly depending on who does them (a professional versus someone at home). It’s also illegal in most states to do ductwork without a license.
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