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Plumbing Service & Repair We Provide In Cerritos

  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Water Leak Repair
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Hot Water Heater Repair
  • Gas Leak Repair
  • Home’s & Commercial Service
  • Toilet Repair
  • Sink & Faucet Repair

We Can Handle Any Plumbing Issue :

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Water Or Plumbing Issue? We Can Get That Fixed Same Day In Cerritos

We Can Help!

  • If We Can’t Fix It, You Don’t Pay
  • Free Whole Home Plumbing Inspection with Every Repair
  • Plumbing Techs Who Know What They Are Doing
  • Licensed Plumbers
  • In Business Since 2008
  • Best Family Owned Company In Town
  • Pros That Can Fix Any Plumbing Issue
  • Clean & Professional During The Whole Process

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Kathy Santos


Today, despite intermittent rainfall, Kevin Espina arrived on time to begin the process of installation of a new AOSmith water heater. Luis, arrived later to assist Kevin. The old water heater was removed, as was any corroded piping. After installation of the new water heater, Kevin and Luis had me test water flow indoors to ensure water pressure had normalized. The area was left clean and free of debris.

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A S.


Our AC went out Wednesday night so Thursday morning we kept calling companies to get someone out to fix or find the problem the same day and weren’t having any luck until we called Comfort Time and Heating. They had someone out within 1 hour of our call and Tommy was able to run a diagnostics test and go pick up the part to get our AC running like new within an hour.

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Irma R.


CT installed new HVAC system. They were very professional. After installing the system , their employees cleaned the areas & helped me to understand directions on the fans. Great employees! Mr. Angel Muro delivered exactly what he promised. Highly recommended.

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Joe slick


My experience with comfort time is really good. Tommy who came and worked on my Wall heater was very excellent and efficient. Very knowledgeable A+.

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Crystal & Angel Muro

Crystal & Angel Muro

Owner & Founders

We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to make you comfortable again and resolve any plumbing issues you might have. Since 2008, our business has been built on honest values and hard work. We employ over 15 team members who share our passion.

What you can expect from our team:

  • Punctual Service
  • Fulfillment of Promises
  • Upfront Pricing
  • Exceptional Service & Kindness
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Marked Trucks & Uniformed Staff
  • Leaving Your Space Cleaner Than We Found It

While these services might seem simple and standard, we find that new customers love our company and join our family.

Crystal and I hope to earn your business and offer you the same opportunity that over 1,500 homeowners have given us in our 15 years of operation.

Same Day Cerritos Plumbing Service & Repair

Water Or Gas Issues? We Can Get That Fixed Same Day In Cerritos

We Can Help!

  • 5-Star Reviewed
  • Family-Owned
  • Up-Front Pricing
  • If We Can’t Fix It, You Don’t Pay
  • Free Whole Home Plumbing Inspection with Every Repair
  • Plumbing Techs Who Know What They Are Doing
  • Licensed Plumbers
  • In Business Since 2008
  • Best Family Owned Company In Town
  • Pros That Can Fix Any Plumbing Issue
  • Clean & Professional During The Whole Process


How We Always Provide A

5 Star Service

Comfort Time Plumbing Heating & Cooling is your premier destination for expert plumbing services and repair in Cerritos. With a special focus on water heater repair and drain cleaning, we offer reliable same-day service to efficiently address all your plumbing needs. Whether you’re facing issues with your water heater or need other plumbing repairs, our skilled team is well-prepared to assist. Our reputation is built on 5-star reviews and our commitment as a trusted family-owned business, ensuring you receive nothing but the highest quality of work.

We believe in honest and transparent communication, which is reflected in our clear, upfront pricing for all plumbing services, including water heater repair and installation. Keeping you updated is a priority for us, and we make sure to notify you when we’re on our way to your location, guaranteeing timely service. Our fully stocked trucks are equipped with all the essential tools and equipment to tackle any plumbing challenge, big or small. Our professional, uniformed technicians are highly trained, providing top-notch service and peace of mind. For all your plumbing and water heater needs in Cerritos, choose Comfort Time Plumbing Heating & Cooling – call us at (562) 459-3348 and experience the exceptional service we’re known for.

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Local & Part of Cerritos

Comfort Time Plumbing Heating & Cooling, established in Cerritos, CA since 2008, is renowned for its exceptional plumbing service and repair, particularly specializing in water heater & drain cleaning repair and replacement. Our proficient team of plumbers excels in all water heater issues, catering to both residential and commercial needs with unparalleled efficiency. From minor adjustments to major overhauls, our professionals are equipped to provide swift and accurate solutions, ensuring your water heating systems are functioning optimally.

What distinguishes Comfort Time in Cerritos is our all-encompassing approach to plumbing services. We extend beyond standard water heater repair and replacement, emphasizing the importance of leaving your premises spotless post-service. Utilizing the most advanced tools and cutting-edge technology, including sophisticated diagnostics and premium-quality replacement parts, we ensure that every job is completed with meticulous precision and durability. This commitment to quality and thoroughness not only guarantees lasting results but also helps prevent future issues. Cerritos residents consistently rely on Comfort Time for reliable, efficient, and impeccably clean water heater and plumbing services, confident in our ability to provide outstanding assistance every time.

 Plumbing Services We Provide In Cerritos

Leaky Faucet Repair: Fixing drips and leaks in various types of faucets, often involving the replacement of washers or cartridges.

Toilet Repair: Addressing common toilet issues such as running, clogging, or flushing problems, including flapper valve replacements and unclogging.

Pipe Leak Repair: Identifying and fixing leaks in plumbing pipes, which may involve patching holes or replacing sections of piping.

Clogged Drain Clearing: Removing blockages in sinks, showers, and bathtub drains, often using augers or hydro jetting techniques.

Garbage Disposal Repair: Troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning garbage disposals, including jam removal and motor repair.

Sump Pump Repair: Fixing issues with sump pumps, crucial for preventing basement flooding, including motor, float switch, and valve issues.

Sewer Line Cleaning and Repair: Clearing blockages in sewer lines and repairing damaged sewer pipes, often using camera inspections for diagnosis.

Water Pressure Adjustments: Correcting issues with water pressure in the home, either by adjusting pressure regulators or fixing underlying pipe problems.

Hose Bibb Replacement: Replacing outdoor spigots or hose bibbs that are leaking or damaged.

Showerhead and Bathroom Fixture Repair: Addressing problems with showerheads and other bathroom fixtures, including leaks and flow issues.

Same Day Cerritos Plumbing: Fast and Dependable Plumbing Services

Get quick and dependable plumbing services with our Same Day Cerritos Plumbing Service. Whether it’s fixing a dripping faucet or undertaking extensive toilet repairs, we have your needs covered. Our skilled team is ready to tackle pipe leaks, unclog drains, and ensure your plumbing operates flawlessly. We are also experts in garbage disposal and sump pump repairs, crucial for keeping your residence clean and safe. Facing low water pressure? We’ll take care of it. We offer hose bibb replacements and resolve any issues with your showerheads and bathroom fixtures. Count on us for comprehensive and prompt plumbing solutions, all with the added convenience of same-day service in Cerritos.

Outstanding Plumbing Services with Top Ratings and Our Exclusive Guarantee

Our family-operated plumbing service places customer satisfaction at the forefront, evidenced by our stellar reviews. We’re committed to clear, up-front pricing, ensuring you’re fully informed about costs from the start. Our distinctive guarantee sets us apart: if we’re unable to resolve your plumbing problem, you won’t have to pay. Plus, every repair is accompanied by a complimentary whole-home plumbing inspection, enhancing the value we offer. Our team, consisting of seasoned plumbing technicians and licensed plumbers, has been delivering unparalleled expertise since 2008. Our dedication to excellence has established us as the premier family-owned plumbing service in the community.

Delivering 5-Star Plumbing Services in Whittier

Comfort Time Plumbing Heating & Cooling excels in providing top-tier plumbing services and repairs in Whittier, with a special emphasis on water heater repair and drain cleaning. Our dedication to offering dependable same-day service ensures we swiftly address your plumbing issues. If your water heater is acting up or you require other plumbing repairs, our proficient team is ready to help. Our foundation is our 5-star reviews and our status as a reliable family-owned business, guaranteeing you receive the finest quality service.

We are committed to honest and transparent communication, evident in our straightforward, upfront pricing for all services, including water heater repair and installation. Staying in touch is important to us, and we always let you know when we’re en route to your location, ensuring prompt service. Our trucks are well-equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to handle any plumbing situation. Our professional, uniformed technicians are highly skilled, delivering premier service and giving you peace of mind. For all plumbing and water heater requirements in Whittier, choose Comfort Time Plumbing Heating & Cooling – reach out to us at (562) 459-3348 and discover the exceptional service we’re celebrated for.

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