X-Series Condensers

The X-Series Condenser systems provides state of the art heating & air conditioning that won’t break the bank. With its ultra-efficient inverter technology, ultra-quiet sound levels and small size, it’s sure to be a fit for any home. Talk to Comfort Time about what options are available to best suit your needs.

2-3 Ton Condenser
3.5-5 Ton Condenser
  • 3″ minimum transition between furnace and coil is required.
  • Condenser sizes can be converted using dip switch setting while out in the field.
  • 10 year parts and compressor warranty, no registration necessary.
  • Compatible with any third party air handler, gas furnace not required.
  • Inverter Technology
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Increased Comfort Level
  • Slim Style Design
  • Low Sound Level
  • Goldfin Coil Coating for Extended Protection
  • Peace of Mind Warranty
  • Uses Less Space Than a Traditional AC Unit