Commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, or HVAC, units are among the most expensive operating aspects for businesses. While most units are designed to last up to thirty years, without proper maintenance, few make it beyond their first ten.

Energy cost is a major burden on businesses, which are constantly struggling to keep up with the ever-changing demands of modern technology and customer comfort. This leaves many small companies in an unfortunate position: they can’t afford their own repairs or those who do often find themselves outsmarted by more advanced competitors because this was overlooked when plans were originally made years ago!

The most effective strategy for protecting your business from these financially draining situations is to implement a comprehensive commercial HVAC maintenance program with Comfort Time Heating and Cooling. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance services improve the output of your system and reduce the possibility of sudden breakdowns while extending the life of the equipment.

Properly maintaining your business’s heating and cooling system provides more than just the correct temperature and humidity. You can take pride in the fact that your customers and employees are breathing cleaner air. A well-maintained system also supplies a consistent flow of fresh, filtered air that helps prevent offices and restaurants from filling with stale odors and overwhelming food scents.

Just as one HVAC system does not fit the needs of every structure, a one-size-fits-all maintenance program does not thoroughly protect you and your business. Comfort Time has the experience to understand that not every location and system is the same, so we provide a customized maintenance program to meet your particular needs. Some of the benefits of a unique Comfort Time service agreement include:

  • Service Technicians Dedicated to Your Location
  • Complete Maintenance Reports and Recommendations
  • Full-Service Log for All Units
  • Priority Emergency Repair Service
  • Maintenance Reminders for Scheduling Convenience
  • Regular inspections and maintenance ensure that your HVAC system is running at its best and uncovers small issues before they grow into massive problems.
  • Investigations also discover opportunities to upgrade as new options technologies emerge, further improving performance, reducing operating costs and extending the life of the entire system.
  • With technicians dedicated to your business, you can rest assured that inspections and services are performed by a qualified professional who is familiar with your system.

If emergency repairs are needed, customers with service agreements receive priority scheduling for faster service so you can get back to business quickly. Comfort Time also reminds you in advance of visits so you can schedule the best time for your business needs.

Comfort Time Heating and Cooling services over four-hundred units in Los Angeles and Orange County and specializes in HVAC service and repair for offices and restaurants. Some of our satisfied customers include:

Boston Market
Waba Grill

When you need a trustworthy company to take care of your home’s heating and cooling needs, Comfort Time is there for all the right reasons. They are fully bonded professionals that can monitor every aspect in order make sure everything runs smoothly without any problems or issues! Comfort Time is fully bonded, licensed and insured for your protection and one of the few companies in the area with the York Certified Comfort Expert distinction.

Comfort Time Heating and Cooling provide unmatched comfort to a host of locations throughout Orange County:

Downey, CA.
Norwalk, CA.
Hacienda Heights, CA.
La Habra, CA.
La Mirada, CA.
Santa Fe Springs, CA.
Whittier, CA

Contact us today for a consultation or just for general information. If you prefer, you can request service online through our website, and one of our dedicated team members will contact you within fifteen minutes. You can also email us with questions, and you can give us a call anytime.

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