Thermostat 101: Learning the Perfect Thermostat Setting

Comparing comforts vs thermostats.

March 8, 2021

Improving your home’s energy efficiency is achievable. It’s a matter of knowing which areas you should focus on and when to make changes in order for them not only save money, but also be environmentally friendly! One thing that many people don’t think about with their thermostats are how settings can affect costs; if we were talking strictly utility bills here – number-wise speaking (because let’s face it: everyone wants lower prices) then switching over from “heat” mode into either.

Understanding the Difference Between On and Auto on the Thermostat

setting the thermostat

The different settings on your thermostat can have a huge impact in how comfortable and energy-efficiently you home operates. Knowing which one is best for what kind of climate or situation will help make sure that every component functions at its highest level, from heating up during cold spells to cooling down when it gets warm outside!

What is the On Setting?

The “on” setting will keep your fan running even though the HVAC system isn’t cooling or heating air.


“The air quality in your room will be greatly improved with the constant flow of fresh, filtered breeze coming from these filters!”

  • With a forced-air system, your home will be more comfortable in every room. You won’t have to worry about spots where the temperature sensors don’t work or are inaccurate – it’s all automatic!
  • The fan will only stop-and start once, which prevents it from wearing out prematurely and extends its lifespan!
  • The fan’s constant activity will result in higher energy consumption, and higher consumption means higher electricity bills!
  • There is no way around this! The HVAC system’s filters need to be changed more often.
  • The fan is a very important part of your home’s ventilation system. If it never turns off, then you may experience damage to this vital component due in large measure from all that moving around and clanging against each other!

What is the Auto Setting?

The “auto” setting means that your fan will only turn on when the HVAC system is running. Once it reaches its pre-set temperature, all circulation stops and you can go about your day without worrying that something won’t be cool enough!

  • This is an excellent way to cut down your monthly electricity costs by using less energy.
  • The programmable thermostat gives you more control because it turns on and off with your desired temperature.
  • It’s so convenient! You can control your air conditioner from the comfort of your own home.
  • The home’s air quality would decrease because it doesn’t always move and pass through filters.
  • The conditioned air doesn’t get evenly distributed through the home due to hot and cold spots.
  • The frequent stop-and start cycles might be doing more harm than good on our machines, so we should try changing it for smoother operation!

The answer to this question is dependent upon the individual, their preferences and where they live in relation with regard to climate control.

The Best Thermostat Setting for Your Home

adjusting the thermostat concept

So now that you understand the difference between auto and on settings better, it is time to set your thermostat.

Can your HVAC system handle it?

The right HVAC system can offer you some major benefits. But if your home’s unit is old or inefficient, it could be costing more money than necessary to cool off during this hot summer season! Investing in a continuous improvement program for preventive maintenance will ensure that both heat and air flow are at optimal levels so everyone living within won’t suffer from uncomfortable homes

With the Auto setting, you can optimize it to suit your home’s architecture and environment.

What’s the weather outside?

You may be wondering what the most energy-efficient temperature is to keep your house cool in summer. However, once winter comes around again it’s time for another question and answer session!

The U.S Department of Energy has announced that by setting your thermostat back 7-10 degrees Fahrenheit daily for eight hours you can save 10% on heating and cooling costs each year!

  • In order to save money on your heating and cooling bills, you should set the thermostat a few degrees lower at night or when away. This will help keep energy consumption low while not sacrificing comfort too much!
  • When you’re at home this summer, set your thermostat to 78°F and increase it by 2 degrees when away. By keeping the indoor temperature close enough for comfort with an outdoor climate of suitable humidity levels in between these two points will help save on cooling costs!

There’s a variety of thermostat settings out there to choose from, depending on what you want. It’s important that the setting fits your lifestyle and budget though!

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Written by Angel Muro

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March 8, 2021

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