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Knowing The Basics of Your Furnace and Air Conditioner

Basics To Heating

  • Your furnace works by burning gas into a box or heat exchange while the fan moves air through it. The moving air absorbs the heat which then heats your home
  • Not all the heat from your furnace is used to heat your home, the excess heat gets vented outside
  • The vent that goes outside also takes out the carbon monoxide produced by burning of natural gas

Basics To A/C

  • Air conditioning in its purest form is moving heat from one place to another. For most homes its moving heat from inside to outside
  • It does this with an outside (the condenser) and your inside unit (furnace and fan) and a coil ( box above furnance)
  • As the air from your furnace blows air over the coil, the refridgerant inside the coil absorbs the heat and transfers it outside to the condenser where the heat is released outside

Residential Home Owners


The installation of an HVAC system is a big decision. We offer quality products and services at competitive prices to make sure that your home has air conditioning or heating as needed all year long!

Furnace & AC Installation

  • Central Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Furnace Replace & Installation
  • Air Condtioning Replacements & Installation
  • Ductwork Installation
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Mini Split Systems for Single Rooms
  • Hard to Cool Home With No or Little Attic
  • We Offer Financing With Easy Terms (O.A.C)
  • 10 Year Parts & Labor on almost every system


No more worries about your A/C system or heating unit! We have experience working on all makes of HVAC systems so you can rest assured that we will take care of it – from diagnosis to repair (or replacement). Our licensed technicians know how important this service is for our customers’ homes.

Furnace Repair

  • Heater Maintenance
  • Gas Company Red Tag Repair
  • Thermostat Issues
  • New Furnace Installation
  • Same Day Heater Repair
  • Same Day Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Emergency Heating Repair
  • Emergency Furnace Repair
  • Home Heating Repair
  • Office Heating Repair
  • Central Heating Repair
  • Repair of Gas Leaks at Heaters
  • New Furnace Replacement

AC Repair

  • Air Conditioning Repair Service
  • Residential Air Conditioning Tune-Up & Maintenance
  • Home Air Conditioning Repair
  • Office Air Conditioning Repair
  • Central Air Conditioning Repair
  • Split System Air Conditioning Repair
  • Package Unit Air Conditioning Repair
  • Thermostat Issues
  • Same Day Air Conditioning Repair
  • Complete Air Conditioning Maintenance Programs: Monthly, Bi-Monthly, and Quarterly
  • Server Room Air Conditioning Repair
  • Heat-pump Repair


Your home’s HVAC system is the backbone of your house. Without it, you’ll be left with hot and stuffy rooms or cold ones that won’t feel like a comfortable place to spend time in! We’re the team to call when it comes time for maintenance on your HVAC system.

Furnace Maintenance

  • Heat-exchanger check
  • Inducer motor check
  • Blower motor amps check
  • Filter (clean/replace filter)
  • Pilot burner/flame rod check
  • Safety controls check
  • Damper check
  • Gas piping inspection
  • Burners clean
  • Condensate pump/lines check
  • System switch and/or breaker identification

AC Maintenance

  • Airflow temperature check
  • Heating check
  • Thermostat check/adjustment
  • Wiring, contacts, capacitors, and relays check
  • Evaporator coil check
  • Condenser inspection/water rinse
  • Condensate drain inspection
  • Outdoor disconnect inspection
  • Condenser fan motor inspection
  • Condenser fan blades inspection
  • Compressor at startup inspection
  • Cooling check

Commercial Business

AC Staff doing repairs

Comfort Time is a full-service HVAC repair company and can fix all types of HVAC units. We know that your business is dependent on a functioning HVAC system for comfort and productivity. That’s why we fix all types of air conditioning units, from leaky ducts to damaged condenser coils. We’re the team to call when your HVAC system needs repair. We can quickly diagnose common problems such as lack of temperature control or an air conditioner not turning on, but if we detect something more serious like electrical corrosion it might be time for a replacement! We work with all makes and models so don’t hesitate and reach out today about what type of assistance you require.

AC Maintenance by Comfort Time

The importance of routine maintenance can’t be overstated. Routinely scheduled HVAC system checks can help avoid unforeseen problems and mitigate minor issues before they lead to major overhauls or costly repairs for your business’s air quality needs, which will ultimately increase its lonevity as well. Your commercial or industrial air conditioning system is a crucial part of your company’s success. The right maintenance will help prevent malfunctions, saving you time and money in the long run while ensuring that all areas function smoothly throughout each day’s hottest hours. At Comfort Time, we know what needs to be done for proper preventive care; let us take care of everything else so it doesn’t get out of hand.


Installing a new air conditioning, cooling or heating system is one of the most important decisions you will make in regards to your business. We specialize on ensuring that our clients’ needs are met and their investment protected by installing only high-efficiency equipment which operates safely for years with minimal maintenance required from customers themselves! We offer our clients a wide range of options for heating and cooling their business, from ductless split system units to central air conditioning equipment or package/rooftop installations as well as various types of equipment.


Comfort Time Heating and Cooling provides the best commercial refrigeration services and repairs around. We fix freezers, commercial refrigeration, application refrigeration systems like air dryers and chillers, we also fix ice machines. We specialize in restaurant, commercial kitchen and factory application refrigeration. We provide same day service, warranties with every repair and upfront pricing for our first-time customers.