City Permits & Final Inspection

Before any alteration to a building or home, a permit by the city is needed. City permits are required by law. Regardless of your location, a HVAC installation requires a permit. Different permits are pulled depending on the job. Not all job requires the same permits. Here are a few permits listed below:

Electrical Permit

An electical inspection ensure that all commercial and residential buildings are in compliance with the electrical code by performing an inspection. They verify proper installation, product selection for jobsites as well as ensuring no dangerous wiring or power sources exist without permission from departmental approved plans if applicable.

Mechanical Permit
A mechanical permit is required prior to conducting any mechanical work such as heating, duct-work, or cooling.
Plumbing Permit
The Plumbing Inspection Division of the City Building Department provides thorough inspections for all commercial and residential buildings to verify compliance with plumbing code. These services are required not only on sanitary, waste or vent systems but also fuel gas installations that may be present in a facility’s infrastructure.

An inspection ensures that your equipment is safe for you and your family. This means that inspectors check that the installation aligns with the manufacturer’s specifications as well as local and state building codes.

How the Inspection Process Works

Final Inspection Diagram
Final Inspection Diagram
What they check
  • Safety of installation
  • HVAC system
  • Air leakage in the home
  • Vents and ductwork