The HVAC system is one of the most important parts in any building. It’s not just for comfort, but also to maintain an optimum temperature level so that you are wasting less energy with over-heating or cooling down too much when there’s no need!

As long as the system is operating satisfactorily, it often goes unnoticed and unfortunately, without proper maintenance. A typical HVAC system can account for up to 30% of a building’s energy consumption, so keeping it running efficiently can save money on energy costs.

Each HVAC system is comprised of many different components; some require regular cleaning, while others need calibration to maintain optimum efficiency. Establishing a good relationship with a reputable commercial HVAC maintenance service can increase the life cycle of your equipment and decrease your utility bills.

Here is what to look for when considering an HVAC maintenance contract:

Priority Service – look for a company which agrees that part of a signed maintenance agreement includes prompt response to emergency HVAC issues with 24/7 customer service and access to a qualified technician. Under a maintenance contract, your business should receive priority consideration above non-member customers.

Every minute that your equipment is down, your company is losing profit and employees are losing income; a professional HVAC firm recognizes their commitment to keeping your system running efficiently, at all times.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance – can range from periodic safety checks to a monthly preventative maintenance program that does an AC and furnace check-up.

Often the cost of filters and routine maintenance repairs are included in the agreement. For systems that are no longer under a factory warranty, regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs. A qualified service technician can also advise on whether a new system is necessary, compared to the cost of repair parts and labor.

Dedicated Service Technician – the best service to your equipment is provided by a technician who is familiar with its history and its workload. When the same technician services your HVAC system, a working relationship is established that provides improved customer service. The technician should also offer a full record of the service and repairs performed on your equipment at each visit.

Positive Customer Reviews – are used by many internet savvy consumers when deciding on product or service purchases. Don’t hesitate to run a Google search or read the customer testimonials provided on the company website. It’s pretty easy to recognize genuine customer feedback, versus contrived fluff. Authentic reviewers will share more details, such as how much money they saved or specific information concerning customer service interactions.

Peace of Mind Check-ups – is an alternative to entering in a maintenance agreement. These checkups usually occur twice a year, in the spring and right before winter. Keep in mind that two unfortunate truths exist concerning HVAC units: furnace flue gas can pose a danger to life and property, and the condensers and copper from outdoor AC units have been the target of vandalism and theft.

Never hesitate to call an experienced HVAC company if you feel your system has been tampered with or if you smell the telltale scent of ‘rotten eggs,’ which indicates a gas leak.

Warranty Maintenance – Most HVAC equipment mandates that their warranty is upheld on the equipment only if a certified HVAC contractor regularly maintains it. Make sure you read your warranty, go through the registration process, find out if you must use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and the proper records required to claim coverage.

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