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Common Home Furnace Problems

No one wants to wake up shivering on a chilly night. But it is a very likely scenario if the furnace of your HVAC systems goes into hibernation, for many different reasons. Therefore, it is imperative to know the common furnace problems that can disrupt the heating performance of your HVAC system before calling for a local heating repair. Remember, a faulty furnace can rob you of the winter coziness.

Furnace is not Working—At All

If furnace is completely shutdown then start off with the basics. Check the position of the thermostat. Make sure that it is set on ‘heat’. Then check the switch of the circuit breaker or fuse. If it is also at the ‘on’ position, then check the furnace door before calling a heating repair company in La Mirada.

Furnace doors contain a safety switch that activates and shuts down the burner and the fan if its access panel is removed. A faulty safety switch can pop out even if the access panel is still in its place. Have it replaced by a local heating repair company so that your furnace is not blacking out on false alarms.

Not Enough Heat is Being Produced

The furnace is working but you are still feeling cold. What could possibly be the reason?

A simple answer to this question is that the furnace is not producing enough heat to make the indoor temperatures cozier. Check the air filters for any debris or have them inspected from heating repair services because clogged filters are the leading problem for inefficient heating from the furnace.

Color of the Flame

Quality of the burner’s flame is also an indicator of the efficiency of your HVAC furnace. A rusty or dirty burner can affect the flame. An even, blue flame is a sign of properly working burner producing sufficient heating, while greater yellow and orange tinges in it indicates that your furnace needs a maintenance service from any reputable heating repair in La Mirada.

No Air is Blown from the Furnace

Check through inspection window whether or not the blower is working. Many furnaces are installed with flashing lights to indicate a fault (‘green’ for normal functioning and ‘red’ for a fault) in the blower.

If you do not understand what’s going on there, then don’t exhaust yourself and simply schedule a visit from an experienced heating repair experts to deal with it.

Gas supply Issue

May be the furnace and all of its components are in their best condition, but not getting enough fuel to run. For that matter, you must check the gas supply line all through its length for any leaks and valve issues i.e. from the burner to the main inlet.

A quivering burner pilot is an indication that your furnace is not getting enough gas supply. Call for professional help, they can guide you better whether it’s a fault in the furnace or you have to call your gas utility company.

No matter how well-maintained a furnace is, there comes a time when it can’t work to its full capacity. Experts from a local heating repair company can also help you estimate the remaining service life of the furnace so that you can have it replaced in time.

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