9 Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Maintenance

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February 12, 2018

Commercial HVAC systems are often large and complex and require specialized maintenance or repair. To ensure that your HVAC unit performs as desired, the system requires periodic routine maintenance. Here are three warning signs that it is time to have your system serviced on your commercial property:

Strange Noises

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities need to be on the lookout for problems with their commercial HVAC units. If you hear strange noises coming from your roof-mounted air conditioning system, it could mean there is a problem cycling through various parts of its internal machinery or even worse – leaks that will cost more money as time goes by!

Inconsistent Temperatures

Have you been noticing that your building’s HVAC system is not maintaining optimum temperature? It may be because of damage or leaks in its ductwork, a malfunctioning thermostat (or ones stuck on “C”), and/or mechanical problems with the unit itself. A professional service technician will quickly diagnose these issues so they can provide solutions for returning consistent temperatures to their workspace!

Uneven Distribution

Even though it’s your building, the people working or occupying it likely have an acute sense of how or where the HVAC is not properly performing. Do you notice some people dressed in layers while others walk around looking flush all day? Listen to employees – if they indicate that some rooms are too hot or too cold, there may be a problem with the HVAC unit that requires maintenance or repair. The longer you wait to have the unit serviced, the worse the problem will become (and your employees or tenants will continue to grow unhappy).

Strange Smells

Regardless of its use, no commercial building benefits from strange smells coming from air vents. Musty, burning, or even rancid smells are a sign that something is wrong with the HVAC unit. A foul odor leaves a strong negative impression on everyone who visits the building.

Constant Cycling

Pay attention to how often the HVAC unit turns on and off. A properly functioning compressor and thermostat should keep temperatures consistent without constant cycling. Not only does this create unnecessary strain on the unit but it is also incredibly inefficient.

Water Damage

When water comes into contact with an overheated HVAC unit, it causes condensation to form. If there are cracks or blockages in the system then this will result in leaks that can cause major damage over time if not repaired soon enough!

Operating Costs

Managing utility costs for a commercial property is a constant struggle. If you notice that electricity bills are increasing without reasonable cause, it may be the result of an inefficient or poorly-working HVAC unit. Don’t let the problem go unaddressed, leaving you to pay more than you’ve come to expect. The cost to repair will not only make the facility more comfortable but lowers operating costs by returning the system to peak efficiency.

If you notice these warning signs in your commercial building, you need a licensed, bonded, and insured commercial HVAC specialist who understands the demands placed on the system of this size. Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more about our free commercial maintenance proposals.

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Written by Angel Muro

I started Comfort Time Plumbing Heating & Cooling out of a love for HVAC & Plumbing and a desire to make our customers comfortable. My curiosity about heating, plumbing, and air conditioning turned into a career focused on expertise and customer care. Through this blog, I aim to share helpful tips and stories from my experiences, aiming to assist you with your HVAC & Plumbing needs beyond just outlining our services.

February 12, 2018

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