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HVAC Systems and Improved Indoor Air Quality

HVAC systems and improved indoor air quality

Whether in homes, schools or workplaces, for most part of our lives, we breathe in indoor spaces. In case of poor air quality in such spaces, we can incur many respiratory diseases. Aside from that, a lingering sense of fatigue and exhaustion also seeps in if you breathe in an environment with poor air quality.

How Indoor Air is Polluted?

We all are well aware of the factors that lead to polluting the external environment. However, less people are familiar with some of the common indoor air pollutants. Whether it’s a home or any commercial space, there are always some pollutants lingering in the indoors. From mold spores to dust to dangerous radon gas, these elements can pollute indoor environment and all these air pollutants have very noticeable impact on human health.

For instance air borne mold spores can lead to the inflammation of lungs. Radon, a radioactive colorless and odorless gas that occurs naturally and usually ends up inside buildings through the plumbing system can transform a household into a habitat of different respiratory conditions including chronic coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, bronchitis etc.

The above details have made it quite apparent that poor indoor air quality can certainly affect the health of the inhabitants any building.

Role of an HVAC System to Improve the Quality of Indoor Air

A well-maintained HVAC system can certainly help in improving the air quality of any indoor with many of its features.

Dehumidification Helps in Getting Rid of Mold Spores

High humidity levels are an ongoing climate issue of Norwalk and surrounding region. The growth of mold flourishes in dampen environment. With the help of good quality air conditioning system in place, you can maintain the levels of humidity below 50 percent to prevent the allergies caused by air borne molds.

Even if there is no mold growth inside the building, damp air itself can trigger coughing, shortness of breath wheezing, hoarseness and other respiratory conditions.

A Well-maintained Ductwork Ensures Better Ventilation

If you are getting regular tune ups of your HVAC system from any professional heating and cooling repairing company in Norwalk, the ductwork will facilitate optimal ventilation. A poorly ventilated space host dusts, airborne allergens and many other harmful microorganisms. So, you can devise a good ventilation of a commercial building or home space with better hygiene of the ductwork.

Air Filters Make Sure You Breathe Fresh

Heating and cooling systems of the building can also proactively make your indoor air cleaner with the help of air filters. Pleated nature of air filers ensures that cleaner air with no pollutants and allergens circulate through your heating and cooling system.

Therefore, it is generally advised to replace air filters after couple of months to ensure better air quality in the house.

Keep in mind that only a well-maintained heating and cooling system can help you improve the indoor air quality and for that you require timely tune ups from the expert technicians of Comfort Heating and Cooling.

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