Check These 5 Things To Resolve of Uneven Indoor Temperatures

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May 2, 2018

Uneven indoor cooling is one of the problems that annoy residents the most. It disrupts the comfort of your abode for which an HVAC system is installed in the first place. If you are facing the problem of uneven temperatures in any particular area of the indoors, consider these measures to resolve the issue.

Check the Vents

Many times uneven temperature problem arises from blocked and clogged vents and registers. Check the respective vents for dust, debris and other obstructions (furniture, etc), where your air conditioner is failing to acquire and maintain the temperature like the rest of the house. Vacuum them to remove any debris.

Moreover, you can redirect the cold air to the affected space by partially closing some vents. If the problem persists, call a local air conditioning repair. They can check your vents and resolve the issue without much hassle.

Toggle the Blowing Fan

Blowing fan plays an essential role in circulating the conditioned air throughout the ductwork, which helps to maintain an even level of temperature in the entire home space. Its different settings can also lead to a difference in air pressure causing uneven cooling. Check your thermostat for ‘auto’ or ‘on’ fan mode.

In ‘on’ position, the fan continues to circulate the air even when the evaporator and condenser units of your HVAC systems are not actively working. It helps in maintaining the same cooler temperature throughout the interior for the longer time. While ‘auto’ mode works only when the HVAC system is actively running.

If your thermostat doesn’t have multiple fan settings, then replace it with the latest version. A local air conditioning repair services will come handy for this job.

Check the Air Leaks in Ductwork  

Increased humidity levels in La Mirada can make the ductwork of your HVAC system rusty. This gradual corrosion might lead to leaks and last air pressure drops. Therefore, make sure that you are having the regular inspection of your HVAC system from an experienced La Mirada air conditioning repair service.

Check the Insulations

Sometimes valuable cool air is lost to poor insulations. Inefficient insulation in some part of the house can also give way to the issue of uneven indoor air temperatures. For that matter, inspect the affected area for any such problem. For instance, cooling air can seep through loose window fittings or flabby ceiling panels might be directing it to the attic.

A thorough inspection of the interior will help you identify any insulation issue. By addressing them through minor repair works, you will get back the balance of indoor air temperature.

Go for a Zoning System

Uneven temperature problems can be resolved for good by integrating a zoning system with your HVAC system. It can customize different temperature zones in your abode according to your desire and requirement. La Mirada air conditioning repairing service can modify your residential HVAC system to resolve your indoor temperature problems.

If you are wondering, “Can an air conditioning repair near me address this uneven temperature issue?” The answer is in the affirmative.  Comfort Time Heating and Cooling deals in all things related to domestic HVAC systems and will provide you with the best services and solutions to resolve the issue of uneven indoor temperatures.

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Written by Angel Muro

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May 2, 2018

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