Summers in Santa Fe Springs can be very scathing, especially with high levels of humidity that sometimes exceed 80 percent in the environmental air.

It is a scientifically proven fact that high humidity makes us feel hotter (in a literal sense). Therefore, air conditioners in home, offices and other commercial spaces are an essential part of constructions in Santa Fe Springs.

Also, breaking down of the air conditioning unit of your abode or commercial space during summers can make your life living hell. For that matter, here we discuss some useful tips that can help you prevent the breakdown of your air conditioning unit amid high temperatures.

Keep a Check on Air Filters

Air filters of your AC unit play an essential role in providing you with fresh and clean air indoors. Therefore, they also get dirty very quickly. A dirty air filter, if not serviced or changed in time, can lead to the shutdown of the entire system due to constant overwork.

You can have them replaced and serviced in straightforward services charges from any local air conditioning repair in Santa Fe Springs. Or else replace them on your own. This simple routine of taking care of your AC air filters can protect you from unforeseen repairing works.

Schedule a Pre-summer Tune-up

This might be the most important measure you can take up for the prevention of air conditioning breakdown due to summer overload. Get a tune-up by any good local air conditioning repair in Santa Fe Spring before the start of the season.

Aside from significant maintenance works, they proactively search for any budding fault in your air conditioning unit and fix it. In short, with their pre-summer tune-up, they can breathe new life into your air conditioner to prepare it for smooth running until next summers.

Take care of the Cleaning of Evaporator and Condenser Unit

Like regular replacement and cleaning of air filters, it is essential to take care of the indoor (evaporator) and outdoor (condenser) unit of your air conditioner as well. Make sure that no dirt and debris is building up in and around the condenser unit. Similarly, clean the area around the air handler of the indoor unit. Make it sure that any furniture article is not obstructing the fresh air coming out of it. These simple measures can improve the performance of your air conditioning unit and will make it less liable to summer breakdowns.

Don’t Put Extra Load on Your AC Unit

Some people think that setting the thermostat at the lowest possible reading would result in a sudden drop in temperature. That’s not the case at all. Therefore, don’t run your air conditioning unit at the lowest temperature setting for long hours.

This will result in a minor change in your indoor temperatures, but conversely, it will increase the chances of a sudden breakdown of your air conditioning unit.

You can reduce the heat transfer inside your house with the help of insulation. Moreover, using ceiling fans to circulate cold air will also help in reducing the load on the air conditioning unit.




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