How Air Conditioning System Affects Employee Productivity?

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April 16, 2018

Research has been conducted to study the impact of workplace air conditioning on the productivity of workers. Twenty-eight employees were monitored for two weeks by the researchers, and they found out that an environment with better air conditioning system can increase workers’ productivity by 30 percent. This productivity ultimately transforms into tangible benefits for employers in the form of revenue.

Therefore, if you are operating a business in Hacienda Heights or surrounding areas, you must focus on improving the air conditioning system at your place. Summers can be very unforgiving here, and you surely don’t want a cranky and stressed workforce at your disposal.

There are several reasons why the quality of air conditioning affects the level of productivity of workers.

Air Conditioning Affects Humidity

Humidity in Hacienda Heights and other parts of Los Angeles County can be unbearable during the summer. We profusely sweat, but it doesn’t dry off quickly which leads to muscle cramps or dehydration – worse unconsciousness!

By installing an air conditioning system, you can keep your employees cool and hydrated. Not only does it act as a dehumidifier but also changes the temperature of interior spaces so they are more comfortable working in them!

Maintains Constant Temperature

An air conditioner is working correctly if people are not noticing the ambient temperature. It matters much, particularly in the working settings where many people are working together under one roof. In such situations, even change of one or two degrees of temperature can significantly affect the comfort level of the floor.

The study found that even a 2% drop in temperature can reduce productivity levels by up to 10%. This is why it’s essential for your office or home working space, where you spend most of the day at an ideal level (i.e., not too hot/cold), have reliable and efficient AC equipment installed so as not seriously affect those who are trying their best every single minute!

Poor Workplace Air Conditioning can Also Cause Health Issues

The lack of a working air conditioning system can lead to serious health issues for workers. From respiratory problems and burning eyes, all these conditions may occur due poor quality HVAC units which ultimately affects productivity in an office space or factory floor.

As you can see, the air conditioning system is central to maintain the productivity levels at the workplace. So, how one can achieve better air conditioning for better productivity?

Type of the Air Conditioner

For commercial spaces, a fixed air conditioning system with a duct system is suitable. However, for smaller spaces portable systems can also work. An experienced air conditioning repairing company can guide you better with proper AC according to the area of your workplace.

Size of the Air Conditioner

The power rating of the air conditioning system is not always proportional to better cooling abilities. Therefore, consult any good AC technician in Hacienda Heights before spending on an oversized air conditioner.


No matter which type and what size of the air conditioner are installed at your commercial space, if you are not taking care of its maintenance regularly, you will face frequent repair issues. Having biannual tune-ups from a reliable AC repairing service can ensure that the air conditioning system is helping you in maintaining and improving the productivity levels of your workforce.

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Written by Angel Muro

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April 16, 2018

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