Why Does Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan Provides Better Efficiency?

Why Does Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan Provides Better Efficiency?

When your commercial business is in need of heating and cooling, you may find that there are more reactive than proactive solutions available. You might even be forced into calling someone who can come fix emergencies before they get worse!

Developing a relationship with a licensed, bonded and insured company will help you better comply with building and health-related guidelines and give you a more precise Commercial HVAC Maintenance plan. This guarantees your systems will run at their peak efficiency and provides you with more cost savings for many years to come. Let’s take a look at a couple of businesses to see how this plan provides better efficiency, identifies potential problems and maximizes on savings.

Restaurant Managers / Owners / Franchisees

Maintenance agreements, contracts and tune ups help balance equipment repair versus equipment replacement.

  • For most restaurants, heating, and cooling plays a large part in their annual total energy costs. Regular inspecting, cleaning, and maintenance give them an added advantage. Planned maintenance ensures that items such as heat-transfer coils or (the winding metal coils on the back of air conditioners) and air ducts stay clean and in good repair, which helps them cut down on costs. When these coils are dirty, they can’t supply proper heat transfer, which results in higher discharge pressures and greater energy consumption. And torn or misaligned ducts that go unnoticed will drag down the efficiency of a building’s climate control equipment.
  • A maintenance agreement helps with replacing these restaurants’ air filters on a more consistent basis. Because of the constant customer traffic, changing these filters every 4 to 8 weeks to keep them clean and cost-effective is key. This is because as these air filters get dirty, they begin to restrict the air flowing through the system’s unit which then causes it to work harder to maintain a sufficient air flow. This uses more electricity, which over time can dramatically increase utility costs. And not regularly changing air filters, can also lead to costly mechanical breakdowns during peak demand times.
  • Scheduled tune-ups also provide air balance checks to ensure that all the components of the entire HVAC system are working in harmony and at their optimum performance. Conditioned air in a restaurant has to match and balance the air that is going from the exhaust hood to the outdoors. If not, kitchen exhaust systems that are out of balance will over time, move too much or too little air and cause loads and temperatures to constantly change throughout the day. This causes dining rooms that are too humid during the summer months, super high utility bills and inconsistent food quality because of varying temperatures inside the kitchen.

Office Building Managers / Facilities Managers / Facilities Directors

Maintenance agreements, contracts, and tune-ups keep these heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems running properly and pays off in productivity as well as profits.

  • One of the key benefits that HVAC specialists can provide for businesses with their maintenance services is peace-of mind. With regular inspections, it’s likely your building will have an extended lifespan and you won’t need to worry about costly repairs or replacement as often! Regular maintenance prolongs the life of their heating and cooling equipment and provides them with substantial savings because the focus is now on more proactive repairs and replacements instead of just reacting to costly emergency “breakdowns”. This planned maintenance helps detect and fix any minor problems well in advance which causes a reduction in equipment malfunctioning and more extended life expectancy.
  • HVAC maintenance plans are good financial incentives for these companies because there are dramatic decreases in costs which adds value long into the future. This is because when you factor in the savings these agreements bring with extended equipment life, reduced energy use, less frequent system downtime and fewer interruptions to operations during the business day, the total costs are more economical than having to stop and call someone when a major emergency occurs. Maintenance plans also guarantee priority service which keeps systems up and running, even on the coldest and hottest of days, and prevents them from having service delays that others, without these plans, experience.
  • A properly maintained HVAC system also boosts oxygen and purifies the air inside these buildings. By helping to eliminate moisture and air-borne bacteria from the air, this ensures that the room temperatures in these facilities don’t become too high or too low, which enhances people’s comfort levels. For Property Managers, this is beneficial because it enhances tenant safety and comfort, which results in increased occupancy and revenue. And maintaining the HVAC system in office buildings ensures adequate ventilation for workers who feel more comfortable which can increase productivity.

Heating and cooling systems are critical factors when it comes to a company’s  bottom-line and represents a large portion of a business’ utility expenses. A Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan helps eliminate those costly repair surprises and ensures your equipment is always running right. At Comfort Time, we help restaurants, building/facility managers and retailers in the Los Angeles Metro Area properly evaluate heating and cooling equipment, make needed adjustments and identify what we can do to keep these businesses running in peak condition. To request a free HVAC commercial maintenance proposal today, please contact us to learn more.


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